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Honours & Enrichment Program

Honours & Enrichment ProgramThe Honours and Enrichment Program (H&E) at Catholic Central is designed to challenge high academic achieving and motivated students, offering greater enrichment and depth of study beyond that of the standard curriculum of studies. Students are immersed in a highly academic classroom environment and are challenged to use inquiry based learning, student directed learning, and collaborative methods in their studies. Honours and Enrichment offers students the following opportunities:

  • A challenge for highly motivated students
  • Classes of highly motivated and academically focused peers
  • Higher academic levels for students to reach their fullest potential
  • Participation in student-directed learning
  • Better preparation for university and post-secondary studies
  • Advanced Placement (AP) examination preparation
  • recognition of Honours and Enrichment program completion in graduation ceremonies
    • Great Distinction (English, Math, Sciences, Social Studies)**
    • Distinction in Humanities (English and Social Studies)**
    • Distinction in Sciences (Math and Sciences)**

**must have 30 level H&E course plus either 10 or 20 level H&E course in each discipline to qualify and students must have 80% avg in requisite courses to be eligible for grad recognition

English - 10H, 20H, 30H
Math - 10H, 20H, 30H
Sciences - 10H, Bio/Chem/Phy 20H, Bio/Chem/Phy 30H
Social Studies - 10H, 20H, 30H

Honours and Enrichment at CCHS

  1. The pre-requisite mark for entry into Honours and Enrichment coming from junior high classes is set at 85%.
  2. The pre-requisite for continuing in Honours and Enrichment courses in Grade 11 and 12 is set at 80%.
  3. The pre-requisite for transitioning into Honours and Enrichment courses in Grade 11 and 12 is set at 85%.
  4. Students with marks of 80 - 85 % may be considered for Honours and Enrichment on a case by case basis and only after consultation with the teacher of the course and meetings with the parent and student.
  5. Honours and Enrichment work is to be integrated into the regular program of studies for each course.
  6. In recognition of the enhanced difficulty and pace of material in an Honours and Enrichment class, student marks will be adjusted by 5% of their assessed Term Mark.

  7. Term mark(T) x 1.05= Final Mark (F)

  8. The additional marks are added to the term mark prior to the final exam. The term mark cannot exceed 100%.
  9. All students in a core class write the same final exam. There is no H&E component on a final exam nor is there a separate H&E final.
  10. In rare instances, a student without H&E pre-requisites may need to be in an H&E class due to time-table restraints. In this situation, the student would continue to work with the class on the course - since H&E is fully integrated, there is no procedure for opting out of work. In such an instance, administration will make the decision and inform the teacher and parents.
  11. A student who is unable to take an H&E class due to timetable cannot simply "add on" H&E to his/her regular course work. Honours and Enrichment is a course - not a list of assignments. If the student feels this will jeopardize his/her educational plans, he/she may meet with administration to determine a solution.
  12. Teachers are requested not to offer "alternate" H&E routes to students outside these procedures.
  13. H&E students have the opportunity to write the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams should they apply.
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