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The aim of the senior high school program is to help students attain the scientific awareness needed to be effective members of society. The components included are attitudes, scientific knowledge, mathematical/laboratory skills critical thinking skills, and connections to science, technology and society. Students are expected to be able to operate in the framework of scientific inquiry as they develop their problem-solving abilities and use technology appropriately.

All senior high school science sources are centered around for general learner expectations:

  • Attitudes: an enthusiasm for, and a continuing interest in science
  • Knowledge: and understanding of the fundamental concepts of science
  • Skills: scientific inquiry and appropriate use of technology
  • Science: technology and society (STS) connections: how scientific knowledge develops, solving problems and making choices.

10 credits in Science are required for a High School Diploma

Students are advised to check entry requirements for their future career choices carefully to ensure that they meet the science requirements. The program consists of many courses. Students have several choices depending on their interests abilities and future goals, as shown in the following prerequisites chart.

Science Route Diagram 2

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