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Faith in Action Component of Religious Studies 35 Faith in Action Powerpoint PDF

Faith in ActionBecoming living witnesses of our CCH Creed  is first and foremost in all our Faith in Action activities which focuses directly on us striving to be

a community of service,

where we freely share the gifts God gave us, in loving service to one another, and reach beyond our community to those in need;

Our commitment to Faith in Action involves a great deal of responsibility.

  • The people, our students will be working with, will come to know and count on them. Our students will become a part of the staff at the place where they volunteer. An old man, a lonely child, or an overworked crisis counselor will wait for them to arrive. Our students will probably never know how much they have helped or in what special ways they have made a difference. One thing is definite: each of us has special talents and abilities that can enrich the lives of others. If these talents and abilities are not shared - someone, somewhere will be missing out.
  • Yet, being of service for others does not end with giving to others. It involves receiving as well. Our students most likely will receive more than they give. The experience of being fulfilled is perhaps the greatest return of being of service, but it is not the only reward.

Faith In Action also helps the student to

  • get to know himself or herself,
  • build the skills of communication,
  • develop the willingness to take risks,
  • develop the use of foresight,
  • seek advice,
  • deal positively with failure.

Finally, for Christians, being of service means participating in the vision of Jesus Christ, the vision of building a peaceable kingdom:

  • a kingdom in which people enrich and care for one another with their unique gifts and talents
  • a kingdom where the principle of life is the same as the principle for doing service work - that it is in giving that one receives and grows.

"Teach me goodness discipline and knowledge"

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