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3D Digital Design

3D Digital Design

3D Digital Design: Games and Fabrication (up to 5 credits) This class is designed as two streams. Students will use CAD programs like Fusion 360 and AutoCAD to: create, design and draw a 3D part. Students will then learn to program this part for fabrication either via 3D printing or CNC milling. Students will create, design and draw a house plan or an architectural drawing, (there may be an opportunity for students to try a little of both).Students can decide to do all programming using Visual Studio to create Windows-based games applications. Students will start off using Visual Basic to create an application similar to basic calculators. Students will try to create simple games using C++ )or something similar). They can then decide to do all digital design fabrication. Intermediate level students will try out programming using the Arduino or Raspberry PI boards to create some simple robotic controls. OR even try animation with Blender.

Recommended modules:

COM1005 Visual Communication

DES1020 The Design Process

DES1040 3D Design 1

DES2045: 3-D DESIGN 2

DES3045: 3-D DESIGN 3

Des1910 Des Project A

Des2910 Des Project B

COM1145 Animation 1

COM2145 Animation 2

COM3145 Animation 3

DES1050: CAD 1

CSE1240 Robotics Programming 1

CSE2240 Robotics Programming 2

CSE3240 Robotics Programming 3

CSE1110 Structured Programming 1

CSE1120 Structured Programming 2

CSE2110 Procedural Programming 1

CSE3120 Object-Oriented Programming 1

CSE3130 Object-Oriented Programming 2

CSE2140 Second Language Programming 1

CSE3140 Second Language Programming 2

CSE1910 CSE Project A

CSE2910 CSE Project B

CSE2920 CSE Project C


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