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Art 10

This course is designed as an introduction to art - its media, techniques, vocabulary, function, form and emotional impact. Students will be introduced to the history and theories of Classical Art. The emphasis is on developing solid fundamental skills and understanding of how to make art .

Art 20

This course is primarily a continuation of many of the principles that were initiated in Art 10. The students will further develop their skills and understanding of art-making techniques. The history and theory component is directed at Modernism and the social function of art. The emphasis is on understanding what art is and discovering one's identity through the creative act.

Art 30

This course focuses on developing the individual's perspective and attitude towards art. Students will be required to develop an in-depth portfolio of work that exemplifies their approach to art-making. The theory and history component is directed at Post-Modernism and the ascension of the individual artist. The emphasis is on independent project development and understanding why art exists.


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