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English Language Arts

English Language Arts encompasses reading the classics to viewing and writing about film and art.
Credit in English 30-1 or 30-2 is required for a High School Diploma

Route A: English Language Arts 10-1, 20-1, 30-1
This is an academic program suitable for students planning to attend a university.

Route B: English Language Arts 10-2, 20-2, 30-2
In this program, the emphasis is more on communication than on literature. This program is acceptable for entrance to a number of vocational, technical, and college level programs.

Minimum requirements for a high school diploma would be the English Language Arts 10-2 - 20-2 - 30-2 route.

The diagram illustrates the routes available to students in English Language Arts.
ELA Route Diagram

Course Outlines

English Language Arts 10-1
5 credits

Prerequisite: Language Arts 9 - 60%, (Recommended 65%) This course integrates the language communication skills of reading, writing, viewing, listening, speaking and representing through the study of a wide variety of both print and non-print material. Texts studied include short stories, non-fiction, novels, modern plays, Shakespearean plays, poetry, and feature films. Emphasis is placed on interpretation, critical response and creative responses to forms of literature. Students learn to communicate in a variety of contexts, and to master the conventions of writing.

English Language Arts 10-2
5 credits

No prerequisite
This course emphasizes the skills of listening, viewing, reading, speaking and writing as they relate to the needs of everyday life, with every attempt being made to integrate these areas. Through the use of a wide variety of appropriate materials, students are expected to increase both their interest and skill in understanding and interpreting ideas, and in expressing them in clear, accurate and effective speech and writing.

English Language Arts 20-1
5 credits

Prerequisite: English 10-1 - 50% (Recommended 60%)
This course correlates the language and literature skills in six basic units: Essays, Short Stories, Novels, Drama (Shakespearean and Modern), and Poetry. In addition, specific activities and assignments provide practice in viewing and speaking skills, as well as writing skills in the areas of exposition, analysis, argumentation, persuasion, narration, characterization, criticism and creative writing.

English Language Arts 20-2
5 credits

Prerequisite: English 10-1 - 40% or English10-2 - 50%
This course emphasizes the development of practical skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing and representing. Students will study a variety of literature including the novel, short stories, poetry and modern drama. In addition to literature responses, students study functional writing, such as letters and speeches, as well as visual literacy and responses to media.

English Language Arts 30-1
5 credits

Prerequisite: English 20-1 - 50% (Recommended 60%)
This course is a continuation of the 10-1, 20-1 series and provides further study of the six basic units. In addition to developing the student's skills in listening, viewing, speaking, reading and writing, the course also aims at improving the student's ability to experience interpretive literature.

English Language Arts 30-2
5 credits

Prerequisite: English 20-1 - 40% or English 20-2 - 50%
This course is a continuation of the English 10-2, 20-2 series with the emphasis on the improvement of fundamental skills in reading, writing and other forms of communication. The basis for the refinement of these skills is the study of such literary forms as the short story, the essay, the novel, drama and poetry.

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