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Graduation Gallery Graduation 2019 Thank You

  • Mrs. Polec: for overseeing graduation events! It was a pleasure and honor to present this gift to the Class of 2019.
  • Mr. Vercillo: for his help wherever or whenever needed- assisting with mass set up, driving and helping with graduates, distributing certificates, un-decorating, making sure the grad class stayed safe by ensuring that LPD were present- name it and he was there to help. Oh, and how about that job he did announcing 301 Grad Statements?! Many people commented that he should pursue a future in broadcasting!
  • Ms. Farrar: for all her help with the Grad Retreat, planning and coordinating of Grad 2019, distribution of certificates, set-ups and take-downs, and for doing a wonderful job of announcing all of our graduates at the Grand March.
  • Mr. Skretting: for all his help with coordinating Grad 2019, set-ups and take-downs, distribution of certificates, and running of mass and the Grand March.
  • Mrs. Kroker: for all her work on the grad list.
  • Mr. Collier: for his assistance at Convocation.
  • Mrs. Noyes, Mrs. Sutter, Ms. Magill, Mrs. Aasman, Ms. Toms: for all the pre-grad work that was done with letters, certificates, grad lists, Powerpoints, grad fees, grad photos and gown organization. Also, thank you Mrs. Noyes for your help all throughout the weekend with ensuring our graduates looked their best and had all the pieces of their gowns!
  • The Staff Grad Committee: Mrs. Christensen, Mr Collier, Mr. Cox, Mr. Dalton, Ms. Farrar, Mrs. Fetting, Mr. Folkersen, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Hawker, Mrs. Gibson, Mr. Gilbert, Mr. Goruk, Mrs. Kirkvold, Mrs. Leroux, Mrs. Polec, Mr. Skretting, Mr. Spiess, Mr. Vercillo, Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Aasman, Mrs. Noyes, Mrs. Sutter, and Mrs. Toms: for everything they did to ensure everything ran as smoothly as it did from beginning to end.
  • Mr. Spiess: for organizing the grad mass. And to Mr. Collier, Mr. Gilbert, Mrs. Gibson, Ms. Farrar, Mr. Skretting, Mr. Vercillo, Mr. Urbanczyk, and Mrs. Mathison for helping with set up and decoration for the mass.
  • Mrs. Christensen, the Concert Choir and Mrs. Aasman: for providing us with beautiful music for mass and convocation.
  • Mr. Cox: for working with and guiding all of the student speakers and MCs...... and for his AMAZING message and tribute to our graduates!
  • Mrs. Leroux and her decorating committee, including Ms. Barrajon, Mr. Boudreau, Mr. Folkersen, Mrs. Hawker, Mr. Hogan, Mr. Leroux, Ms. Magill, Mrs. Yearous, as well as grade and 10 and 11 students: for coordinating the decorations at the Enmax. They had a HUGE job of set up but the Enmax looked beautiful!
  • Mrs. Fetting: for overseeing the banquet tables and meals and helping with the Grand March, as well as anywhere else help was needed.
  • Mr. Wilson: for always being a calming presence (especially for Mrs. Polec) when it comes to organizing students into lines and directing the procession during the mass and the convocation. And to Mr. Goruk, Mr. Fokersen, and Mrs. Hawker for being his assistants!
  • Mr. Folkersen, Mrs. Kirkvold, and our Students' Council ushers: for distributing programs and seating our guests.
  • Mrs. Kirkvold. Mr. Dalton, Mr. Collier, and Mrs. Gardner for getting students picture-ready and feeling less anxious as they took the stage.
  • Mrs. Noyes, Mrs. Sutter, Mrs. Gurr, Mrs. Mikla, and Mrs. Pearson: for ensuring all grad gowns were collected after convocation and helping out with students throughout the weekend.
  • All the staff present throughout the weekend's events for guiding students to where-ever they needed to be during the mass, the convocation, and the Grand March.
  • Mr. Folkersen, Mr. Jetten, and Mr. Perron: for coordinating the balloon drop..... not an easy task!
  • Mrs. Sutter, Mrs. Aasman, Mr. Vercillo, Mrs. Kirkvold, Mr. Cox, Ms. Farrar, Mrs. Christensen, and Mrs. Polec: for coordinating and running the Grand March.
  • Ms. Toms: for collecting grad fees and overseeing grad USB sales, and getting all the grad bills paid!.
  • Mrs. Kirkvold, Mrs. Hartman, Mrs. Hawker, Mr. Rosen, Mr. Ledsham, and Mr. Spiess : for the distribution of grad certificates at the convocation.
  • Mrs. Gardner: for capturing grad moments for yearbook, and helping out with line ups at the mass and the convocation.
  • Mr. Dalton: for being another helping hand wherever needed.
  • Mrs. Larson: for creating the beautiful programs, posting information on the website, taking pictures at the ceremonies and the banquet, and for sharing your photographs with our families of the graduates.
  • All the staff who helped with take down and clean up at both venues after each event!
  • Mrs. Sutter, Mrs. Aasman, Mr. Aasman, Ms. Farrar, Mr. Skretting, Mr. Vercillo, Mrs. Kirkvold, Mr. Wensmann, Mr. Cox, and Ms. Sheridan: for helping with the grad rehearsal on Campus West and for being there to guide students.
  • Ms. Fox,, Mr. Kobza and their committee: for putting together the Feather Blessing and Metis Sash Ceremony and working with our FNMI graduates.
  • Mr. Gurr and London Road Market for the delicious meal at the Feather Blessing and Metis Sash Ceremony.
  • Mr. Smeaton: for bringing greetings from the Superintendent. We will miss your greetings next year!
  • Mrs. Lane for bringing the warmest of greetings from the Board.
  • Mrs. Lenaour: for being our guest speaker and for your powerful message to our graduates. All the best in your retirement!
  • All our Trustees and Senior Administrative Leadership Team who attended the mass and convocation.
  • Mrs. Christensen and the grade 12 choir members: for the beautiful musical interlude.
  • Mr. Spiess: for delivering the Invocation at Convocation.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Anita Marriner: for providing the Reply to the Tribute to Parents.
  • Priests and Deacons: for being a visible presence at our graduation Mass and for their spiritual support of our students. Thank you especially to Father Kevin, Father Albert, Father Ian, and Father William.
  • Cindy and Peter Lilienthal: for being the Sacristans.
  • Feature Productions: for making the convocation and banquet a production to be proud of and for covering the events for the USB drives.
  • Staff of the Enmax Centre: for their excellent service and help with the turnover from the convocation to the banquet.
  • Darrel Harris and DB Audio: for ensuring we had excellent sound throughout the weekend's events.
  • Sounds Unlimited Inc: for providing the music for the grand march and for the dance.
  • Bridge Brass: for providing beautiful music during mass.
  • Mark Orenstein and his crew from Life Touch Photographics: for taking the grad pictures, the group picture and pictures of the graduates receiving their certificates.
  • The Lethbridge Herald: for the wonderful write up in the paper on our valedictorian!
  • Candle lighters representing alumni, parents, CCH staff, Holyspirit staff, clergy, and trustees:
  • Country Kitchen Caterers: for catering the graduation banquet.
  • LPD: for keeping a watchful eye on us as we celebrated at the banquet.
  • All Staff of CCH: for being available to students, for acting as substitutes for teachers involved directly in the grad activities and for their quiet, constant commitment to making graduation a memorable event for students. Graduation is a gift that the staff of CCH gives to our students.
  • Grade 12s: We are very proud of how you took care of each other and walked together. You carried yourselves with dignity and class. It was an honor and a pleasure to celebrate with you!

Thank you to all who have made this event meaningful, memorable and successful.

Joanne Polec

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