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3D Digital Design

3D Digital Design

3D Digital Design: Games and Fabrication (up to 5 credits) This class is designed as two streams. Students can decide to do all programming using Visual Studio to create Windows-based games applications. Students will start off using Visual Basic to create an application similar to basic calculators. Students will try to create simple games using C++ )or something similar). They can then decide to do all digital design fabrication. Students will use CAD programs like Fusion 360 and AutoCAD to: create, design and draw a 3D part. Students will then learn to program this part for fabrication either via 3D printing or CNC milling. Students will create, design and draw a house plan or an architectural drawing, (there may be an opportunity for students to try a little of both). Intermediate level students will try out programming using the Arduino or Raspberry PI boards to create some simple robotic controls.

Recommended modules:

CSE1110 Structured Programming 1

CSEI910 CSE Project A

CSE1120 Structured Programming 2

CSE2910 CSE Project B

CSE2110 Procedural Programming 1

CSE2920 CSE Project C

CSE3120 Object-Oriented Programming 1

DES1020 The Design Process

CSE1240 Robotics Programming I

DES1040 3D Design I

CSE2240 Robotics Programming 2 D

ES1050: CAD 1

CSE3240 Robotics Programming 3

DES2055: CAD 2

DES1910 Des Project A

DES2910 Des Project B


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