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Graduation 2014

Graduation Thanks

Mrs. Koran: for guiding the grad class through the weekend's events. Graduation
Mr. Munroe: for all his work with the grad list, for his help at the ceremonies and for being where ever was needed.
Mr. Leroux: for his help distributing certificates and for making sure the grad class stayed safe by ensuring that the SRO and LPD were present.
Mrs. Gurr, Mrs. Sutter, Mrs Shaskin and Mrs. Herba: for all the pre-grad work that was done with letters, certificates, grad lists, power-points, grad fees, grad photos and gown organization. Also, thank you for their help after grad with the collection of grad gowns and with grad banquet clean up.
The Teacher Grad Committee - Mrs. Delbello, Mrs. Kirkvold, Mrs. Gardner, Mr. Collier, Mr. Vercillo, Dr. Nixon, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Wynder, Mrs. Mitchell, Ms. Groten, Mrs. Blas, Mrs. Fetting, and Ms. Radke: for everything they did to ensure everything ran as smoothly as it did from beginning to end.
Dr. Nixon: for organizing the grad mass.
Mrs. Christensen and the Concert Choir: for providing us with beautiful music for Mass and convocation.
Mrs. Leroux and her decorating committee: for coordinating the decorations at the Enmax.
Mrs. Fetting: for coordinating the banquet tables and meals.
Mr. Wynder and Mr. Miller: for organizing the balloon drop.
Mrs. Kirkvold and Mrs. Sutter: for coordinating the Grand March.
Mr. Spiess: for his wonderful announcer's voice.
Mrs. Kroker: for overseeing grad DVD sales and for doing such a splendid job of advancing slides at the mass.
Mr. Christensen, Mr. Collier, Dr. Nixon, Ms. Groten, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Blas: for the distribution of grad certificates at the convocation.
Mrs. Gardner: for being our photographer and capturing moments.
Mr. Folkersen and Mr. Vercillo: for delivering a witty response to the Tribute to the School.
Ms. Rougeau: for coordinating the budget.
Mrs. Larson: for posting information on the website and taking pictures at the ceremonies and the banquet.
Mr. Chan and Mr. Morrison: for helping with set up on Campus West for the grad rehearsal.
Mrs. Amoako: for being there to assist our Inclusive Education students.
Mr. Smeaton: for bringing greetings from the Superintendent.
Mr. Spitzig: for bringing greetings from the Board.
Ms. Kristin Ailsby-Wood: for being our guest speaker.
Priests and Deacons: for being a visible presence at our graduation Mass and for their spiritual support of our students.
Maintenance and Booking Staff of Lethbridge College: for all their help with the set-up, with the sound system and for being available at all times to assist.
Feature Production: for making the convocation and banquet a production to be proud of.
Staff of the Enmax Centre for their help with the banquet set-up and take-down and any other requests we had.
Sounds Unlimited Inc: for providing the music for the grand march and for the dance.
Staff of CCH: for being available to students, for acting as substitutes for teachers involved directly in the grad activities and for their quiet, constant commitment to making graduation a memorable event for students.

Graduation is a gift that the staff of CCH gives to our students.
Thank you to all who have made this event meaningful, memorable and successful.

Mrs. Polec

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